Reasons for choosing the VTL machining companies in India

Reasons for choosing the VTL machining companies in India 

Some numerous processes and procedures use old-fashioned methods to design and develop parts. One of these is the Vertical Turning Lathe VTL.

One can easily find various VTL machining companies in India that carry advanced versions of the technology. Foundries with machining capabilities can benefit from such technologies.

Often a VTL turning centre takes a traditional lathe and stands in on the end. The design provides several production and scheduling benefits. It is also well-suited for castings like – brake discs, pump housings, aircraft parts, heavy equipment, etc.

Advantages of choosing the VTL machining companies in India 

Vertical Turning Lathes are large ram-type machines that are ideal for high-powered cutting of medium and larger parts.

Some of the important advantages of investing in VTL machining companies in India include –

  • These carry the ease of handling larger workpieces. These can easily be set and managed for adequate machining operations.
  • VTLs that use the main spindle to load and unload is reigning in the entire manufacturing scene due to their multitasking capabilities. Such machines are effective processing centres for the production of chucked parts.
  • Another positive advantage of choosing these is that gravity is an important part of them. Often a minimum of hand-clamping is needed.
  • VTL also gives foundries the ability to cut down bigger and heavier castings.
  • These improve cycle times and shops can work aggressively with the cuts.

Applications of VTL by industries

Industries adopting the following aspects can benefit heavily from adopting a VTL partner –

  • Heavy workpieces using automation or cranes
  • Non-conforming parts or designs needing complex fixtures
  • Delicate workpieces that require low clamping pressure.
  • Complex parts, materials with interrupted cuts or unbalanced workpieces.

These are similar to horizontal turning lathes except the spindle is oriented vertically. This design delivers the following advantages –

  • Gravity aids with the work

One of the prime advantages of selecting VTLs is that they use gravity to set and maintain the right piece in place. These reinforce work holding, security, and stability.

In the case of VTL, workpiece weight is directed down on the machine. Thus it results in no off-axis loads on the spindle.

The use of the same also ensures lighter clamping pressure and reduces the risk of damage to delicate workpieces.

  • These do not take up a lot of room

Another advantage of VTL is that it requires less floor space. Thus it is easy to accommodate two machines into the space. Further adding automation can further enhance the outcomes.

  • These can be cost-effective

Choosing the right VTL centre means better results and cost-effective outcomes. These manufacture affordable products for the aerospace, mining, and construction industries.

With the right partners, it becomes easy to reduce the part costs and man-hours needed for the process.

  • Increase in productivity and profitability

Partnering with the right company can enhance your operational efficiency. This also boosts your operational capacity, targets a larger audience, and gains higher profits. This leads to increased production rates, higher capacity, and profitability through a team of skilled operators.

  • Increase in accuracy

The verified parts coming from trusted partners bring consistent and reliable outcomes. This increases accuracy and adds value to your business. As a result, better compliance with stringent quality parameters can be attained.


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