Why invest in the VTL Machining companies in Chennai?

Vertical Turning Lathes are standalone lathes that have both top and bottom designs for attaining a straight, curved design and the bottom can be used for crosscutting. There are two kinds of machines –

  • Single side design
  • Double-side turning lathes.

The first is designed to deliver short grains while the second is ideal for crosscutting purposes. Its top can be used as a turning tool.

Choosing VTL has an advantage over other options as it operates clockwise and anticlockwise. This eliminates the need for mechanical tools or operations. Since the spindle moves on a vertical axis, the same eliminates the need for a pendulum. This can be beneficial for making intricate cuts, angled designs, etc.

Unless you have the aid of the best VTL Machining companies in Chennai, you end up paying heavy costs for maintenance and operations. Also, the VTL machines are not as portable as that HTL machining. Thus larger projects with a need for movement are not ideal for an in-house VTL system.

Need of choosing the right VTL Machining companies in Chennai

If your business deals with large parts with variable dimensions and weight, it becomes tough to load components on a machine. If your business has HTL then the gravitational forces can work issues. It also creates problems related to lifting, loading, setup, and clamping. To further enhance the problems, centrifugal force is created by turning the heavier raw parts.

Having the right VTL Machining centre can bring a positive impact. It ensures that the selected components sit on a machine bed and that adequate stability and rigidity are maintained. The right investment ensures that –

  • High productivity rates are maintained
  • Improvement in tool lifespan
  • Reduces cycle times and costs
  • Attaining appropriate positioning and surface finishing, etc.

To attain optimal results, the business must have an extremely powerful machine with high-torque spindle motors. This is one of the most important aspects of heavy-duty cutting.

Modern VTL may also carry multiple configurations for moving and stationary tools along multiple axes. These have a lesser floor space than the horizontal turning ones.

Major components of vertical lathe 

Here are some of the major components used in vertical lathe machines –

  • Headstock assembly for driving spindle of the machine
  • Chuck is placed at the end of the spindle and this holds workpieces during the entire process
  • Jaws hold the workpiece securely on the chuck
  • Headstock assembly for driving the spindle
  • Ways – Z-axis, x-axis, etc. for driving cutting tools in the desired direction and performing cuttings
  • The multi-tool turret holds multiple cutting tools for required operations.
  • Cutting tools take cut to make the final part
  • The bed is an iron base that has a chuck attached to it.

Advantages of Vertical Turning systems 

Top industries around the world can benefit from an association with the best VTL Machining companies in Chennai. 

With leading names like  Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd., Etc. The cutting operations can be performed effectively. The VTL machining companies can help to accommodate bigger and heavier castings and therefore deliver desired results. All this is critical to attaining a heavier cut without interference with the tolerance parameters. The advanced machines can control the surface finishes to get finer details on the part.


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