VMC Machining companies in India

VMC Machining companies in India

Machine-based manufacturing is the process of removing layers from materials. These use machine tools to attain the desired results.

Top VMC Machining companies in India use the following types of machines –

  • Manual operations vs CNC
  • Three-axis vs five-axis machining
  • Vertical or horizontal machining

Each process has its advantages. This makes it suitable for varied applications.

Types of VMC machines and applications 

These machines are huge and ram-type in shape. They are extremely beneficial for boring, cutting, facing, turning, and shaping the desired raw materials. With the same, it is easy to cut and customize heavy equipment and materials.

  • Based on the guide rail 

The VMC machines can be hard rails or linear rails. This classification is based on the shape of the axis of the guide rail.

The stiffness of the rail makes it ideal for heavy use, especially cutting. Linear rails use ball-bearing rails that move quickly and effectively.

  • Based on spindle speeds

The low-speed VMC variants have speeds of 6-15k RPM. The high-speed ones can clock above 18k RPM.

Further surface polish and processing improve the precision of these components.

  • Based on the bed structure 

VMC machines can be classified based on the bed structure as type C and Gantry machines.

  • Based on the column structure 

VMC machines can be classified based on the column structure –

  • Fixed structure machines – These are VMC with table movement. The same is one of the widely used equipment in the production sector.
  • Fixed work tables – These have moving columns and are hence termed as the moving column VMC.

Choosing the best VMC Machining companies in India

VMC or Vertical Machining Centers use vertical milling processes to create holes in heavy metal parts. The technology is recommended for work that needs to be completed on a single or multiple faces. Hence it is ideal for in-mold or dies tasks.

It is easy to make adjustments on a VMC. These include angles of approach, positioning devices, and rotating angles. With integrated computerization and automation, repeatability and affordability are ensured. Similarly, tool selection, contouring, etc. becomes easy.

Applications of VMC machining processes 

Leading Vertical machining centres like Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. have a wide range of applications. These can be used to manufacture parts and components for a range of industries. Often these are ideal for attaining high performance, Precision, and accuracy. It is also recommended for mass production projects or specific applications like the following –

  • Complex and curved parts

Parts with complex curves include cams and propellers. While these are tough to manufacture with precision and accuracy on routine machines and equipment yet choosing multi-axis VMC machining can bring quick and affordable results.

  • Custom or erratically shaped parts

Parts with an erratic, custom, or irregular shape include brackets, etc. These components often have a complex design that is tough to replicate on a standard machine. However, by opting for specialists like Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. entire process turns easy and quick.

  • Heavy-duty automobile parts and military equipment

For military equipment, heavy parts, etc. it is important to choose the right service provider to ensure effective outcomes.

The accuracy of VMC machining can be a good start for such sectors. These manufacture components that meet stringent quality parameters and specifications.

  • Works with a large scale of raw materials

VMC machines use raw blocks of metals like aluminum, steel, etc. to deliver quality products and OEM parts.

The common use of these systems is for cutting, drilling, shaping, molding, etc. Common industries relying on these specifications are automobiles, shipbuilding, machine shops, etc.


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