Selecting the top-rated Earth Moving equipment manufacturer in Chennai

Selecting the top-rated Earth Moving equipment manufacturer in Chennai

The construction equipment and manufacturing sector in India is quite complex. It is divided into four segments –

  • Earthmoving sector
  • Road construction sector
  • Concrete
  • Material handling equipment.

The earth-moving equipment segment is one of the prime and lucrative segments in the region that has around 60% share in the overall construction equipment manufacturing processes. The key drivers for the same are construction, real estate, urban infrastructure development, road construction, and the mining industry.

Before investing in any Best Earth Moving equipment manufacturer in Chennai, it is important to understand the products available in the segment. Often equipment like the following is used to enhance the outcomes of a project –

  • Compact excavator
  • Front shovel
  • Dragline excavator
  • Wheel loaders
  • Skip loaders
  • Construction tractors
  • Track loader
  • Material handler, etc.

The demand for quality equipment is met by both small and large-scale local and international players. However, the key ones include – BHEL, Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited, etc.

The rising market share

This sector is further poised for excellent growth in the years to come. With the government’s focus shifting to infrastructure development and the growing sector, the demand for quality Earth Moving equipment manufacturers in Chennai is expected to rise.

Further, the influx of FDI, international Joint ventures, infrastructure growth plans, and effective government policies are driving the equipment demand to new heights.

Even the global Earth Moving equipment market forecasts are expected to grow manifolds. It is expected that the same will reach 2 lakh million dollars by 2027 with a CAGR of 7.1%.

Planning to choose the right earthmoving equipment for your business 

Earth engineering and moving tasks are varied. It is often difficult to use a single earthmoving system to suit multiple tasks.

Also, each system has its own unique functions and advantages. For instance – the tasks performed by an excavator will be different from wheel tractor scraper. The selection process is also dependent on the quality of the site.

Apart from this, here are some of the other critical aspects that must be considered for the purpose –

  • Material type

Before selecting any earthmoving equipment manufacturer, it is important to understand the job site.

Experts recommend using scrapers if the area and loading material are smooth. Wheel tractor scraper can be used for sandy conditions. Also, scrapers can pull the soil easily.

For job sites with rocky or wet clay parts, scrapers are not recommended. Instead, opt for an articulated one as these can pull through the soil easily.

  • Flexibility

Sudden weather changes can easily alter the job site conditions. Heat toughens up the same while rain and humidity can make it murky.

While making a selection, it is important to ensure that the selected product is sturdy, versatile, and long-lasting. An earthmoving system that is able to meet varied weather conditions can be a good start.

Often articulated systems are considered ideal for such weather conditions. These also work well with limited traction.

  • Hauling distance

Hauling distance is also a major consideration when choosing the right equipment. Small vehicles work fine when the distance is small but if the same is large then you need to have a strong and big vehicle.

Smaller ones work well for small distances but cannot sustain the pressure for long. This increases the chances of a breakdown.

Scrapers work well in areas with sufficient room for outlining circuits. However, for a borrow pit, opt for an articulated truck.


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