The role of VTL machining companies in India’s developing sectors


India is a fast-paced developing country in all areas like infrastructure, medicine, technology, and anything that is modern. The tools and equipment used in various industries are manufactured by VTL machining companies in India like Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited.

Most of the equipment used by these different industries involves the VTL machining process. It is an integral part of most construction companies because they cannot do without them. For example in the construction industry, it is responsible for the design and architecture style or even safety and compliance equipment.

The VTL requirement

In order to meet the ever-growing need of heavy engineering industries like earth moving, oil and gas, automobiles, and many more, VTL machines are capable of delivering at a fast pace and of the best quality. The machine is made of graded cast iron and columns that offer stability, high performance, and rigidity. The application of VTL is wide and the scope is wider in the infrastructure arena.

Advantages of VTL

VTL machining process remains one of the most cost-effective methods for high-demand production. The usefulness of this machining process cannot be undermined despite it being old-fashioned. Especially when it comes to handling tough metals, this machine is the best. All the backlogs found in modern lathing machines are the advantages of VTL.

It is very important to understand the varied factors that tend to drive the prices up. Here are some of the popular questions and their answers about VTL machining companies in India and the factors influencing the pricing.

  1. Materials: All machinists factor in the cost of materials while calculating the overall machining cost. VTL machining is a subtractive process and it may use more material than required for the final product. Two types of materials that are commonly used are metals and plastics.
  2. Running costs: There are a couple of factors that influence machining costs. One is the price of the machine and the second is the number of hours the machine operates on a yearly basis. The machinists further divide the price by the number of operational hours.
  3. The labour: A huge amount of automation is involved in the VTL machining process. No customer is expected to pay the huge task force of laborers however they pay for the design and the automation process. This process is further divided into programming, set-up, and post-processing.

The role of VTL machining companies in India and their growth

The growth of a country is measured by the infrastructure development across the landscapes. This could be the construction of dams, bridges, major roads, and urban buildings. All of these construction companies and various others involved need VTL machining companies in India. In a nutshell without these companies and their facilitations development prospects can come to a standstill.


For every small or large operation in the manufacturing sector, there is a need for VTL machining equipment. Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited has taken the lead role to pioneer the efforts of various industries in this country and see to the successful amalgamation of technologies.







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