Choosing the right VMC Machining companies in Chennai

VMC Machining companies in Chennai

Milling is an important part of the manufacturing process and advancements in the same have made the process easier and faster. These are of two types –

  • Horizontal milling
  • Vertical milling

Choosing the right VMC Machining companies in Chennai is important especially if you are looking for designing and manufacture custom parts.

What is VMC machining?

VMC machining is a process adopted to ensure adequate shape and designs on raw materials like aluminum, steel, etc. Using the process, it becomes easy to transform the desired raw materials to suit the requirements.

In addition to the same, the VMC can also perform tasks like –

  • Drill
  • Carve
  • Engrave
  • Chamfer, etc.

Thus, the processes are quite popular with automobile manufacturers and shipping and machinery manufacturing industries. Partnering with the top VMC Machining companies in Chennai brings additional cost savings.

Aspects to look for choosing the top VMC Machining companies in Chennai

As stated above, the VMC machining processes are intended to deliver products that are compliant with customer expectations and industry best practices. Here are some of the critical factors to search for in your service provider –

  • Accuracy

Each of the machines has a limit to precision and the best ones carry high accuracy.

The higher precision machines can be costly and thus choosing the right partners can make a positive impact.

  • Cutting

You do not need a rotary device to suit your machining requirements. The basic 3-axis models will aid in attaining 3D cutting on a single side of the workpiece but for a highly sophisticated task, choose 4-5 dimension machines.

  • Latest technology

Choosing the best service provider like Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. means that your business gains access to the best technology and services. The brand carries a reputation for excellence and fast service.

Difference between CNC and VMC machines?

There are two types of VMC machines i.e. those with or without CNC. The former is controlled by using a high-quality software system. If the same is without CNC then you will need special templates or cameras to control and manage machines.

It is always good to opt for investing in VMC machining processes with CNC-controlled machines.

HMC vs VTL Machining centres

Vertical machining is critical to producing a wide range of components for industries and applications. When compared to HMC, it is easier to set up and cool.

Hence when compared with the best horizontal machining centres, these VTL machining companies offer a better edge. This is due to the following aspects –

  • Simpler structure

The simpler structure of VMC makes it easy to ensure that the workpiece stays in the desired position.

  • ¬†Better cooling efficiency

Since VMC designs use gravity effectively, it becomes easy to manage the same. Also, if coolants are sprayed at the top of the tool, the same reach effectively the entire area of the machine.

  • Easy to setup and use

VMC is easier to set up and use. These enable operators to easily undertake operations and revamp if needed. This helps to make modifications to overcome issues.

  • Smaller space requirements

Vertical designs take up lesser floor space than horizontal ones.

  • Higher accuracy

The VMC can produce complex shapes and structures.




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