We are a reputable supplier and are known to the industry for our talent development. In support of our vision, the policy is to maintain a practical but comprehensive Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015. This will be central to the delivery of our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Relevant, attainable and current Objectives for the QMS will be communicated to staff and progress against them measured and reported. The policy embraces the following key principles:

  • The satisfaction of customers, both external and internal, shall be the primary focus of the quality management system
  • Systems and controls shall be designed to ensure complete understanding of customer requirements and consistently accurate and effective product provision
  • Suppliers are integral to the quality process and company staff shall work closely with them to meet customer’s needs
  • Staff shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and consultation
  • All staff shall have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality Policy in the performance of their tasks
  • Company management is fully committed to the Quality Policy through provision of resources, active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by example


Product quality and safety are key priorities for consumers. Any failure of product quality could result in customer complaints and recalls. To ensure customers are satisfied with products, every production site needs reliable manufacturing and quality control systems. We provide factory quality assessments to verify the actual degree of your quality system’s compliance, systematically evaluating every process in the production plant and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in the manufacturing system.



Objectives Target Current Level
Over all Rejection (CNC Machining Rejection) Reduce 5% from the current level 0.223%
Utilization of M/C Shop Efficiency Target 79% 81%
Customer Complaint 20% reduction from the current level 0.25%
No of Accidents/ Month Target Zero 0
Supplier Rating Target 95% 98%
Customer Wise on Time Delivery Performance Target 95% 100%
Customer Satisfaction Improve 5% from the current level & maintain the target 95.0
Rework <2% 0.65%

Measuring Instruments

Bore Dial

Depth Verniner Caliper


Digital Height Gauge

Depth Verniner Caliper 600mm

Bore Mic

Depth Verniner Caliperinside

Portable CMM25 Meter

Trimos 2D Measuring Insturment