We take the health and safety of our people very seriously. All employees of Gayath Industries shall strive to consistently provide our product and services to our customers using eco-friendly, healthy & safe processes with due respect to our environment and employees. We shall comply with applicable Legal and Regulatory requirement.

We want to ensure everyone’s working environment is fit for purpose – for employees, contractors, and anyone visiting our sites. We want our safety record to speak for itself, and we want our people to take pride in continuously improving our safeguards and policies.

The established EHS objective shall be communicated, monitored, analyzed and discussed at appropriate levels and act as an input to continual improvement.

Our Top Priority

Environment, Health & safety are top of our list when it comes to measuring performance. To us, it’s fundamental – something that has to be right before we can start to think about innovating new solutions for our customers.

We’re continually assessing our operations across the whole business. Our Executive Committee reviews environment, health and safety matters every month and issues regular reports to the Board. At least once a year, we’ll carry out a formal safety audit of every operation. And we always conduct due diligence regarding health, safety and environment when establishing new operations. It’s all about keeping our safety record clean and our people in a protective working environment.

Leading the way in safety innovation

As engineers, we’re always looking for ways to improve things for our customers. So it’s no surprise that engineers in Gayath Industries have come up with a safety measure that’s becoming an industry standard.