Best HMC machining companies in Chennai

HMC machining companies in Chennai

Horizontal machining or HMC is a process that uses rotary cutters and equipment to remove metal from a workpiece. This process occurs when the HMC employs a spindle parallel to the ground and then tools stick to the other end of the same. This allows easy cutting and management of equipment.

Similarly, the best HMC machining companies in Chennai allow for pallet changer integration and thus facilitate managing cycle times, unattended operations, etc.

What is HMC Machining?

As technology progresses, manufacturing concerns look for the best tools that are capable of attaining major tasks and meeting critical project parameters. Miling is one such process that focuses on eliminating material from a stationary workpiece using rotating cutting tools.

With Milling, the cutting tools rotate and press against the desired workpiece to remove the material.

Here two methods are used –

  • Vertical milling machine

This is one of the most common types of milling machines that has a vertically oriented spindle. It holds and rotates the tool against a stationary workpiece. This is capable of moving upwards and downwards. These press against the workpiece to remove the same.

  • Horizontal milling machine

 The horizontal milling machine has a design that has a spindle having a rotating and cutting tool. The difference between VMC and HMC is in the orientation of the spindle. In the case of the latter, the same as a cutting tool on a horizontally oriented spindle. The same allows selectively removing material from a stationary workpiece. The parts and tools used in the same are also shorter and thicker.

These machines can deliver heavier and deeper cuts. Hence, these are your ideal choice when placing grooves or slots into the workpiece.

Why are Gayath industries the best HMC machining companies in Chennai?

Whether your business requires heavy-duty or high-speed machining in a demanding production environment then opt for Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. Is a great idea. It has the widest range of horizontal machining centres that ensures that your business gains the best solution with the lowest cost and ownership.

The same is rated as the top HMC machining company in Chennai. It also boasts better chip removal services without damaging the moulds. This is critical in the case of processing the mould cavity.

Due to the complex structure of the HMC, the rigidity of the system is good and it can process heavy workpieces like automobile cylinders.

Other benefits of opting for Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. include –

  •  Rigid design that allows for fast acceleration and repeatability
  • Tool storage capacity for attaining flexibility and versatility
  • Variable spindle speeds, torque selections, etc. to manage materials like aluminium, etc.
  • Durable and reliable outcomes that bring profitability to your business
  • Excellent quality management and control.
  • User-friendly controls that enhance proficiency
  • HMC centres are well-suited for workpieces that must be machined on multiple sides
  • These are also designed using two integrated pallets. These allow access to all sides of the workpieces.
  • The HMC also limits operational intervention as compared to the one needed for VMC machining. Hence it helps to boost productivity.
  • In the following cases, your business may need the aid of an HMC company –
  • Multiple operations
  • Complex angles
  • Part size
  • Lack of skilled operators
  • Maintaining consistency and accuracy
  • Automation, etc.



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