Benefits of choosing the top HMC machining companies In India

Benefits of choosing the top HMC machining companies In India

HMC centre is an important part of special applications like – engine block machining, cylinder block, etc. However, many are confused between choosing CNC, and VMC vs. HMC machining companies In India.

VMC refers to the Vertical machining centre that works with a spindle axis attached perpendicular to a worktable for handling processes like milling, boring, drilling, tapping, etc. Whereas the HMC or the Horizontal Machining centre has a horizontal spindle that is automatic and has an indexed rotary table. The same also has 3-5 motion coordinates and the three linear ones are the most common. Here are some of the other major differences between these systems –

  •         Structure Difference between VMC and HMC

The essential difference between VMC and HMC is the axis structure. The VMC has a Z-axis structure that moves vertically downwards to complete the entire process. The axis on the HMC moves horizontally to complete the same.

  •         Workbench differences between HMC and VMC machines

The worktable of VMC is a T slot and there are two sets of motion mechanisms responsible for the process. The X feeding table is covered on the Y guide rail. However, the worktable on HMC is intended to move in either X or Y directions.

Such work tables are generally rotary work tables that carry a dot matrix screw hole design and are relatively easy to opt for an interchangeable one.

  •         Parts processed by the machines

A vertical machining centre is meant for processing disk and plate parts. It often has a three-linear motion coordinate axis that has a rotating table along the horizontal axis. These can be installed on a worktable to process the spiral parts. On the other hand, the HMC machining companies In India can process parts on two or more sides. These have surfaces arranged radially around and choosing a high-precision centre is crucial to attaining business success.

Benefits of investing in the HMC machining companies In India.

When compared with VMC, the HMC is easy to remove chips during the entire processing of the workpiece. Thus, it is quite effective for the processing of complex recesses and cavities. It is also suitable for box-like workpieces that can easily process the peripheral surface with low problems in loading and unloading workpieces.

The same has a clear advantage over VMC since the VMC cannot process parts at a larger height. The chips also cannot be moved when machining a cavity or concave surface. The same may also cause damage to the tool and destroy the processed surfaces and ultimately affect its smooth processing. Also, VMC is recommended only for processing workpieces with relatively small dimensions in height.

Choosing Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. for HMC machining works

The Gayath Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd. is a name to reckon with. Its HMC centre is designed to aid clients with a range of sizes and capacity requirements. Each project is undertaken with adequate reliability, quality, and safety in mind. The state-of-the-art horizontal machining centre also has the advanced milling technology needed to grow your business.



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