HMC raises the bar in manufacturing


Every production or manufacturing unit wants to increase its capacity and hence there is always a need for newer equipment and machining processes. HMC machining companies in Chennai are geared up to meet this ever-growing need and satiate the hunger of these manufacturing units. Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited is well aware of this scenario and is prepared to meet the needs head-on.

Important business factors for HMC machining companies in Chennai

It is important for the manufacturing units to consider all the business drivers that influence the profitability and viability of the company. Some of these drivers are increasing throughput, consistency in production, better quality, and efficiency. All of these put together can create a robust competitive advantage for the manufacturing unit. Reduction of overall costs is of prime importance and HMC suits the bill perfectly.

Utilization and its significance

In the insides of HMC machining companies in Chennaiutilization captures the exact running costs of the business. The actual spindle run time gives an approximate measure of utilization and gives a snapshot of efficiency, throughput, and profitability. HMC can deliver a utility of 85% and is more efficient than any other process.

Uses of HMC

HMC machining companies in Chennai use a unique way of manufacturing and it involves machining on 6 sides and the involvement of the operator is minimal. The need for direct labor is eliminated completely. There are several productivity gains that can be derived like reduced labor costs, increase in quality, and unmanned operation.

Manufacturing companies invest in HMC primarily for longer-run work and short-run work as well. The key factor to consider is that 3 verticals can be replaced with a single horizontal. These cumulative reductions have a major positive impact on the reduction of manufacturing costs.

Uses in the process of mold making

HMC machining companies in Chennai can provide specific efficiencies for different circumstances. Some of the typical processing scenarios include batch machining where all the parts are handled as one single group example. Similarly, very large processes can be broken into fragments and easily accomplished by HMC. As a result, multiple machines are not required even for major turnkey projects. The process of repeating the manufacturing method is also simpler in this environment.

The technological imperative

Until a few decades ago, the manufacturing industry went through a seismic effect that caused many other businesses to pull their shutters down. Today, with the help of HMC the manufacturing world is witnessing increased efficiency, reduction in operating costs, and increase in profitability and overall business growth. Even when it comes to increasing the productivity capacity HMC machining companies in Chennaicost are less. The machine investment can be amortized into multiple parts.


The bottom line is that HMC machining companies in Chennai can provide a viable platform that can empower the growth of a company. In the future, many companies will leverage technology rather than the workforce. Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited believes that for different results, something processes need to be done differently.

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