The rise of manufacturing in India- A preview


The world thinks of China when it comes to manufacturing and that trend is changing very fast. India is grabbing the spotlight and Heavy fabrication companies in India are witnessing huge growth in this country. The conventional thought process for several countries across the globe is that the economy of India is dependent on digital bits and not on material atoms. This is far from the truth, as today India is attracting more attention to its manufacturing potential.

The ‘make in India’ drive by the prime minister has brought in good tidings for the manufacturing industry like Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited. There are several opportunities and stones unturned in this sector.

Tapping the potential of India

Today the GDP of India stands at a whopping $2.3 Trillion marking India as the 9th largest economy of the world on the map. It is also the 3rd largest country for purchasing power which stands at $8 trillion.

Growth in the manufacturing sector of India is crucial for Heavy fabrication companies in India. Manufacturing industries have the potential to create one million jobs every month for the next decade. This trend will completely eradicate poverty in the country. ‘Make in India’ is a core policy and an initiative to encourage various other sectors to accelerate the financial growth of the country. The only manufacturing sector has the potential and the capacity.

Lead by example role of India

India is a shining example and has quickly learned from other leading countries to jump on the manufacturing bandwagon. There are several well-established sectors like textiles, automobiles and auto components, petrochemicals, mining, and many more and all of them need Heavy fabrication companies in India. Given the prospects, the manufacturing sector in India will become the engine for creating jobs and overall economic growth.

The manufacturing sector and economic growth

The manufacturing sector includes Heavy fabrication companies in India and they play a stellar role in the overall growth and industrialization of the country. In a way, the manufacturing sector occupies the driver’s seat in the journey of economic growth of a country. The manufacturing sector is one of the most important constituents of the economy of India.

Advantages for industries for manufacturing in India

India is a highly populated country and is very enticing in terms of offering a huge consumer market. Several manufacturing units make use of the available workforce and increase the rate of production.

There are many advantages for India and they can propel the manufacturing sector and add value in the global competitiveness arena.  The country’s role in the global manufacturing industry is important and companies should aim at cashing in on this trend. Gayath Heavy Engineering Private Limited is geared for success and is propelling itself to become a world-class leader in manufacturing. 


The overall look at the statistics of the manufacturing sector in India strongly indicates that the country will remain at the forefront of technology. This also means that the Heavy fabrication companies in India will contribute significantly to the growing economy and also lead to employment generation. Given such tremendous importance, all new ventures, organizations, and the manufacturing sector in general; should look at exploring untapped markets.



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